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National Institute on Drug Abuse National Early Warning System (NEWS) Coordinating Center

Revised November 2013

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to RFA-DA-14-015

  • The NIDA Community Epidemiology Work Group (CEWG) monitors drug abuse trends in sentinel areas in the U.S.  Will NIDA NEWS replace the CEWG?
    Yes.  With implementation of the NIDA NEWS study, NIDA expects that the Community Epidemiology Work Group will be discontinued.
  • Does the $900,000 total cost include indirect or F&A costs?
    Yes.  The figure of $900,000 is the total costs including direct and indirect (or F&A) costs.
  • The FOA states that if in-person meetings are proposed for the Scientific Advisory Group, they should be held in the Rockville/Bethesda area. Does the “Rockville/Bethesda area” mean that meetings may only be held in Rockville and Bethesda, Maryland, specifically?
    No.  The Rockville/Bethesda area may be interpreted as the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area.

This page was last updated November 2013