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Dr. David Thomas

November 2013
Dr. David Thomas talks about pain research at NIH, the complexities of treating pain with prescription opioids, and finding new treatment options for acute and chronic pain. Read more from Dr. Thomas.

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Dr. Marilyn Huestis

September 2013
Dr. Marilyn Huestis discusses NIDA's Intramural Research Program’s major focuses, such as marijuana research in humans, developing tests to identify drugged drivers, and demystifying designer drugs. Read more from Dr. Huestis.

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Dr. Madeline Meier

September 2013
Dr. Madeline Meier of Duke University discusses the effects of marijuana use on IQ. Dr. Meier describes findings from a 25-year study showing that participants who initiated weekly cannabis use before age 18 dropped IQ points in proportion to how long they persisted in using the drug. Read the NIDA Notes article about the study, Early Onset, Regular Cannabis Use Is Linked to IQ Decline.

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Dr. Redonna Chandler

September 2013
Chief of Services Research Branch, Dr. Redonna Chandler gives insight on what her branch does and how her job is rewarding. Read more from Dr. Chandler in the NIDA Notes article, Q & A: Dr. Redonna Chandler.


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