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Adolescent brain development study renewed
Potential Implications for Individuals with Substance Use Disorders
National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® celebrates 10 years
Can positive social interaction prevent drug use?

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Find information for people struggling with drug abuse, as well as resources for their families and friends.

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To learn more about drug use and its effects, visit our Drugs of Abuse and Related Topics sections.

How Can Families Prevent Opioid Related Deaths?

Anyone Can Become Addicted

A Patient's Story

Photo of Lorrie Wiley

NIDA clinical trials bring a new life to a woman struggling with opioid addiction - the study hoped to determine if clonidine used with buprenorphine could help reduce stress-induced relapse in heroin users.



A Patient's Perspective

To hear how one person in recovery views life, join us for a conversation with actor, author, and activist, Christopher Kennedy Lawford who, having overcome addiction, now advocates for others in recovery.

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